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The Family of Ralph Edward Lacasse and Lucienne Amanda Amelia Cayouette Lacasse
Antoine Lacasse   Louis Bolduc
Generation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12-16

Lacasse generation 5
16. Joseph Marie Lacasse, born October 13, 1750.  He was the son of 32. Jean Joseph Lacasse and 33. Marie Roy.  He married 17.   Marie GOSSELIN November 23, 1773 in St. Charles,Bellechase, Quebec.
    17.  Marie GOSSELIN.  She was the daughter of 34. Francois GOSSELIN and 35. Marie-Anne LIS.

More About Joseph Marie Lacasse:
Christening: October 13, 1750, St Charles, Bellachasse, PQ, Canada
Children of Joseph Lacasse and Marie GOSSELIN are:
    8    i.    Jean Baptiste LACASSE, married Marie Josette COUTURE January 08, 1828 in St. Charles, PQ, Canada.
        ii.    Anastastie LACASSE, born Aft. 1773; died March 08, 1845 in St. Henri, Levis, Quebec; married Ignace Bilodeau January 22, 1804 in St. Charles,Bellechase,P.Q.,Canada.
        iii.    Charlotte LACASSE, born 1775 in St-Charles, Bellechasse, Quebec; married Charles BILODEAU January 21, 1800 in St-Charles, Bellechasse, Quebec.
        iv.    Joseph Lacasse, married Angelique CHABOT August 26, 1817 in St Charles, , Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada.
        v.    Marguerite Lacasse, married Zacharie BILODEAU August 12, 1800 in St Charles, , Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada.
        vi.    Marie Lacasse, married Charles NADEAU November 12, 1798 in St Gervais, St Gervais & St Protais, Bellechasse, Quebec.
        vii.    Victoire LACASSE, married Francois HEBERT July 16, 1813 in St. Charles, Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada.

    18. Etienne COUTURE.  He married 19.   Genevieve NOLIN.
    19.  Genevieve NOLIN.
Child of etienne COUTURE and Genevieve NOLIN is:
    9    i.    Marie Josette COUTURE, married Jean Baptiste LACASSE January 08, 1828 in St. Charles, PQ, Canada.

    20.  Pierre BOLDUC.  He was the son of 40. Pierre BOLDUC and 41. Marie Josette CORRIVEAU.  He married 21.   Marie Anne RICHARD September 13, 1803 in St. Michel, PQ.
    21.  Marie Anne RICHARD.
Children of Pierre BOLDUC and Marie RICHARD are:
    10    i.    Antoine BOLDUC, married Marguerite SANSGAGIERE January 14, 1834 in St. Claire, PQ.
        ii.    Pierre BOLDUC.
        iii.    Francois BOLDUC.
        iv.    Edouard Bolduc.
        v.    Honore BOLDUC.