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The Family of Ralph Edward Lacasse and Lucienne Amanda Amelia Cayouette Lacasse   
Antoine Lacasse   Louis Bolduc
Generation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12-16

Ancestors of Ralph Edward LACASSE

Generation No. 1

    1. Ralph Edward LACASSE, born November 22, 1911 in Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, United States; Died December 20, 2002.  He was the son of 2. John Lacasse and 3. Delina Lilla Boivin.  He married (1)   Lucienne Amelia Amanda Cayouette LIVING in Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, United States.  She was the daughter of Arthur Henry Cayouette and Cora Georgiana Poulin.

    Children of Ralph LACASSE and Lucienne Cayouette are:
        i.    Constance Irene LACASSE, born LIVING in Waterville, Maine; married (1) Clyde Frederick Waite LIVING in Notre Dame De Lourdes Church, Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, United States; married (2) Richard CRAVEN in LIVING in Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine, United States.
        ii.    John Arthur Lacasse, born LIVING; married Susan CONROY LIVING in St Marys Church, Rutherford, New Jersey,  United States.
        iii.    Nancy Ellen Lacasse, born LIVING; married (1) James BURNS LIVING; married (2) Walter GALLANT LIVING in Bangor, Penobscot, Maine.
        iv.    Richard Alan Lacasse, born LIVING in Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine; married Karen J ane BLAISDELL LIVING in Notre Dame Lourdes, Skowhegan, Maine United States.
        v.    David Ralph Lacasse, born LIVING; married Pandora WORSTER LIVING
        vi.    William Olin Lacasse, born LIVING; married Lucy LEE LIVING.
        vii.    Thomas Joseph Lacasse, born LIVING; married Laurie HARRINGTION LIVING.

Gathering at Mamie Lacasse Fosters 1967-68

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